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What We Do: Underground Locate Services

In a professional manner we'll make the entire process of accurately locating your underground services quick and convenient for you.

Why are we important?

If you are doing a survey or have an outdoor project that requires you to drill or dig, by law you need to know what is underground.

Ontario ON1Call only covers public utilities. A public utility (water, sewer, gas, hydro, phone, cable, etc.) on private property ends at the meter, main, etc. The same utilities beyond that point are private utilties. ON1Call does not cover private utilities and it is the private property owner(s) who are responsible for the private utilities and to have them located.

It is the location of these uncovered private utilities that we provide in the Ottawa Valley area. Water and electrical lines on private property are the most common utility services we locate, but we can locate just about anything (wellheads, gas, cable, phone, fibre optic, and sewer lines).

If you have not already ordered them, as a convenience to our customers we will coordinate all public utility locates and deliver to you one accurate, complete package detailing where all your underground services are on your property.

Yes. It really is that convenient and easy.

To get started, place your locate order online or contact us.

Is it really necessary to locate before you dig?